Age Groups

Joeys: 6 weeks to 12 months and walking Studies have shown that infants feel more secure and develop better when in an environment with routines balanced with individual needs. What we want the Guides to do in this classroom is to get down on the floor, play with and love on these babies!

Koalas: 12 months and walking to 2 years At this stage children practice what they see and experience. This environment will be structured where the Koalas can enjoy imitating and playing, and where Guides can assist them through behaviors they do not yet understand (sharing, taking turns).

Monkeys: 2 years to 3 years Two year olds will have more structure and learn more responsibility such as cleaning up, brushing their teeth and dedicated curriculum time. We emphasize that the Guides work with the children individually and give them the love and attention they need, however be balanced with structure and routine.

Jaguars: 3 years (potty trained) to 4 years Three year old children can be extremely quick and smart. During this year our curriculum will focus on preschool topics and getting the children ready for kindergarten.

Giraffes: 4 years to 5 years Children of this age group will learn to work in larger groups. There will be flexibility in the curriculum to focus on what the children are interested in while getting them ready for kindergarten.

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