“I want to provide families the safety and security I felt when dropping off my son in a high quality daycare.” – Kathy Balderrama, Owner

Welcome to Children’s Safari Learning Center where your child’s learning will be an adventure.

Children’s Safari Learning Center is a play-based educational center that was established in 2006. Believe it or not, learning happens during play. Play at our learning center is both child-directed and teacher-initiated. Our staff is involved in play to encourage positive interactions and support your child’s learning.

Kathy Balderrama, Owner

Why I Created Children’s Safari

Hi, I am Kathy Balderrama, and this center has been a dream of mine since I was young. I was raised in a family that owned childcare centers back in New Jersey. I used to draw pictures of what my center was going to look like.

Fast forward many years later, I ended up choosing a different career but after 15 years found it was not as fulfilling as I imagined working with children could be. I went back to school and started designing this center with a focus on quality, accreditation, calming colors, and a family-oriented environment. I’m thrilled to say we’ve successfully built Children’s Safari to be a child’s educational home away from home.

Services We Are Proud To Offer

  • Contactless QR scan for entry
  • Free phone app for parent communication
  • Two separated age appropriate outdoor activity areas
  • Larger than required classrooms to give children their own space and allow them to interact with others or have space to themselves
  • Educated, experienced caregivers who treat your children like their own
  • Strict hiring requirements and background checks for caregivers
  • High quality cleaning and classroom management standards
  • Classrooms are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day
  • A center with a home-like feel which allows children to feel safe and secure
  • Individualized focus on each child’s development
  • Partnerships with parents
Children playing on floor

Why The Safari Theme?

Our Learning Center has a Safari Theme capitalizing on the early years of a child’s life being an adventure. Each age group has its own room associated with a safari animal. For example, infants will be enrolled into the Joey’s room, one-year olds will be in the Koala room, etc. Each class name was chosen for the endearing quality of that age group. Each caregiver is referred to as a teacher as they will be guiding the children through many of their first experiences.

Parents and guardians are most important in the children’s lives. Therefore, we have an open-door policy and encourage parents to visit and participate at any time. To ensure parents comfort with their child’s development, there are bi-annual guide/parent conferences, as well as daily reports, to discuss our observations of their child’s behavior and experiences.

NAC Accredited
Member Mesa Chamber of Commerce

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