Welcome to our Giraffe Classroom

Providing Day Care for Toddlers Ages: 4 and 5 years

Children of this age group will learn to work in larger groups. There will be flexibility in the curriculum to focus on what the children are interested in while getting them ready for kindergarten.

Low Ratios | Large Rooms | Specialized Outdoor Area | Structured Days
Giraffe Classroom
Introducing Curriculum for Kindergarten Preparation

Four and five year olds are energetic and imaginative. We will help them bring their imagination to life by providing flexibility in the curriculum to focus on what the children are interested in as we prepare them for kindergarten. This age group will also learn to work in larger groups. Although the ratios of students to teachers are still lower than the state requires, children of this age will be in the largest classroom with the most children. We will provide simple games with rules so your child can learn the basis of cooperative play and as always, continue to provide them with lots of love, fun, approval and encouragement.

A typical day in the Giraffe class includes:

  • Phonics
  • Simple Addition
  • Writing Skills
  • Tying Shoes
  • Team Activities
  • Science Projects
  • Accountability / Responsibility
  • Logs will go home daily so parents know what their child participated in, how he/she played, ate, slept, etc.
Kiddos in this room enjoy:

Theme Months
Wacky Fun Days
Word Recognition
Art & Crafts
Theme Months
Love, Love, Love…

“I LOVE THIS DAYCARE!!! I pulled my son from A Child’s Place at The Ranches in Gilbert at 1 yr old and tried Children’s Safari… We have been so happy ever since! We love everything about this daycare!!! The education my son received is beyond my expectations!! The teachers and director Kathy are so loving toward each child and take care of every child as their own! I feel so blessed to have found this daycare. I recommend them to EVERYONE I know. My son is now 5 and he starts school on Monday so today was his last day after 4 and 1/2 yrs 🙁 I am not ready to have him leave this daycare BUT when we decide to have another child, we will be back to Children’s Safari Learning Center!!!! ”

Emily Velasquez, Mesa

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