Welcome to our Jaguar Classroom

Providing Day Care for Toddlers Ages: 3 and 4 years

In this class, we will spend time on many different topics and expose the children to as many diverse experiences as possible while focusing on preschool topics and preparation for kindergarten.

Low Ratios | Large Rooms | Specialized Outdoor Area | Structured Days
Jaguar Classroom
Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Three and four-year-olds can be extremely quick and smart. During this year our curriculum will focus on preschool topics and getting the children ready for kindergarten. Teachers will introduce a more structured environment but will still focus on self-directed learning and play to meet the individual needs of each child. Areas of focus will be spelling their names, beginning writing, cutting with scissors, music, gym, etc.

Studies have shown that 95% of a child’s brain is formed within the first 3 years of life, so during this year we will spend time on many different topics and expose the children to as many diverse experiences as possible.

A typical day in the Jaguar class includes:

  • Free Time
  • Clean Up Time!
  • Circle Time
  • Learning Activity: Activity or art/music project
  • Story Time
  • Quiet Time
  • Lunch Time and Snack Time
  • Outdoor Time
  • Brush Teeth
  • Logs will go home daily so parents know what their child participated in, how he/she played, ate, slept, etc.
Kiddos in this room enjoy:

Theme Months
Wacky Fun Days
Word Recognition
Art & Crafts
Theme Months
Love, Love, Love…

“This place has been absolutely wonderful for our family and the staff is incredible. We had our first child in June and it was very hard to let go and give him to someone else while we resumed going to work full time. We know in our heart that we made the best decision, we love this staff and all of the care they give our first born. They also send photos and updates that are wonderful to see throughout the day. What amazing, amazing people that are here.”

Ann Terry, Mesa

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