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Providing Day Care for Toddlers Ages: 12 months & walking to 2 years

At this stage children practice what they see and experience. In this class the Koalas can enjoy imitating and playing, where guides can assist them through behaviors they do not yet understand.

Low Ratios | Large Rooms | Specialized Outdoor Area | Structured Days
Potty Training Assistance
Koala Classroom
Developing Communication Skills

At this stage, children are practicing what they’ve learned and experienced. They develop their communication skills through describing what they are doing moment to moment, and they continue to gain new experiences by practicing what adults around them do like talk on a phone, clean the house, etc.

This room will be structured where Koalas can enjoy imitating adults and playing with other children in an environment where a guide can assist them through behaviors they are not yet able to understand such as sharing and taking turns.

A typical day in the Koala room includes:

  • Free Time: during each free period, the guides will be on the floor, teaching them where there nose is, singing, playing, etc.
  • Clean Up Time!
  • Story Time
  • Baby Craft, Music and Rhythm Times
  • Nap Time
  • Lunch Time and Snack Time
  • Outdoor Time
  • Logs will go home daily so parents know what their child participated in during the day, how your toddler ate, slept, and diapered.
Kiddos in this room enjoy:

Basic Sign Language
Theme Months
Creative Art
Sensory Activities
Music & Movement
Love, Love, Love…

We love Safari Learning Center! My husband and I toured many daycare facilities and this is definitely a hidden gem. The front office staff and teachers are all so friendly and really seem to care about each child. They remembered me and my son right from the start and greet us with a smile every day. I love keeping track of my son with the app and seeing pictures of him throughout the day. I was also really happy with the way they have handled Covid-19. They have been flexible with our enrollment and are taking several additional measures like temperature checks, masks, touch-less entry, and additional cleaning to ensure everyone’s safety. I feel safe bringing my son and am so thankful to have found Safari!

Jessica Dryden-James, Mesa

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