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Children’s Safari Learning Center serves families interested in a more close-knit childcare setting. We provide a clean, safe, quality focused environment for children to grow their personalities and increase their independence. We value employees and families who respect and understand children to be little explorers and understand their future to be an adventure.

Important Values To Us:
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Kathy Balderrama
Kathy Balderrama
Owner & Creator

Hi, I am Kathy Balderrama. My passion for children has grown over the years. The center opened fulfilling a concept and a dream I had. The calming colors, the animal tie, opening with accreditation standards as our philosophy… The early childhood industry is the most impactful industry on an individual’s future. Research shows that the brain develops more in the first 5 years of life than at any other time in life. Early brain development has a long-lasting impact on a child’s ability to learn. Having that much influence over a child’s long-term success is priceless. I can provide a safe, quality-oriented play-based center but also need to manage staff to be a positive impact on children’s lives. I have my altered passion for running the center to include childcare advocacy, staff mentorship, and professional development.

I would be thrilled to give you a tour and answer any questions you have about our learning center.

Greenfield Location

I’m Ms. Eldonna and have worked in childcare for 36 years. My love for teaching started in junior high when I began helping the local elementary school. Education was always a part of my day. As a child, I would “play school” with friends where I was the teacher, and my friends were the students. We would use phone books as our classroom books! My favorite part of our day is during drop-off and pick-up. I value the few moments I can have with each child as they come to me to show me something they have done. I believe in supporting staff and parents with their child’s growth. Every day is an adventure. You never know what your challenges are going to be, but every day is a good day to touch a heart.

Office Manager
Both Locations

For most of my life I have been in childcare playing a role in children’s lives and making a difference has been extremely rewarding for me. Today’s children are tomorrows future. Early childcare has taught me how to see the world through their eyes with imagination and creativity. Every child is unique, and I love being able to explore with them as they grow at our center.

Enrollment and Support Specialist
Hampton Location

I have about 5 years of experience and have always loved being around children. My love for kids grew when I helped my aunt care for my cousins. My favorite part of the day is talking one on one with the children about their weekend or their previous day. I love hearing the excitement they have when they talk about something they enjoyed doing.

Staffing Director
Hampton Location

Hi, my name is Ms. Madesyn! I have been working with children for over two years. I have always loved being around children and being a positive role model in there lives mainly because who knows what they also could being going through. I absolutely love making crafts and watching kids create something new every day. On my spare time I enjoy hanging out with family, friends, or going shopping. Something I have always wanted to do is go skydiving and visit all fifty states and would love to visit Germany. I look forward on seeing the children proud on accomplishing new things and something new.

Assistant Director
Greenfield Location

My name is Ms. Charlene! I have worked as a paraprofessional specialist for Gilbert Schools for over ten years, and I have also worked as a daycare teacher for three years as well. I have a sister who is special needs and so that has led me to be interested in helping children. The funniest parts of working with children. Are all the random funny things they say and do! I most enjoy reading and singing songs to the kids. It is always nice to me when they are playing nicely and quietly. In my free time, I like to do crafts. I make jewelry, sewing, working with plastic, and baking. I am looking forward to getting to know your children.


My name is Mister Chris! I am from Jamaica, but I have lived in Arizona for many years now. I have been interested in childcare for a very long time. I have been working on my major at GCU in Early Childhood Education, and I also volunteer as a small group leader at m y church. My favorite thing to do with the children is free art; I like to see what they create and how they express themselves! In my free time, I enjoy taking walks, spending time with my nieces and nephews, playing video games, and hanging out with friends. One day, I would like to sky dive! I am looking forward to getting to know your children!


My name is Miss Jailene! I have been interested in childcare or a few years now. I initially took a child development class in high school and have wanted to work with children ever since! My favorite time is snack time. Its nice to see all the kids so happy and relaxed at the table together. I want to keep working in childcare and getting better at it. Family is very important to me. In my free time, I like to spend it visiting and doing fun things with my family. I am looking forward to getting to know your children better!

Jessica B.

My name is Jessica B. I became interested in childcare when I started volunteering at the nursery in my church and babysitting. It was fascinating interacting with the children and watching them learn! In my spare time I love to go shopping, be with my friends and family, and complete fun arts and crafts projects. One of the best art projects I’ve done with a class was making a pig. One of my students turned it into a unicorn! It was the cutest pig-i-corn! My favorite part of the day is all day, I love watching the kids interact with each other and watching them learn.


My name is Marisa, and I am from Wisconsin. I do not have any kids, but I do have a dog! I have helped my mom for a long time with her at home daycare! My favorite part of the day is when the kids do art. It really shows their creativity and imagination. In my free time I enjoy reading drawing photography and dance. I started dancing at 6 and still dance today! One day I hope to be a children’s dance teacher.


My name is Sedona. I was born in California and moved to Arizona at the age of 2. Right after high school I got started in childcare, and really enjoy what I do. I am an only child but married into a huge family and I love it. My husband and I have 5 kids together and my family is my world I’m proud to be a part of the Safari team and to have the opportunity to get to know your infants.


I’m Stacy and after having children of my own, I opened an in-home day care so I could stay home with my children. I became certified through the state and loved having my own business. My favorite part of the day is snuggling the babies and watch them light up when we do art together. Painting their feet and giving them that sensory experience is fun!

Employee Reviews

We are proud to have a phenomenal staff whose passion is the children in their care. Each child brings so much joy to all of our days. Our staff is valued and it shows! Read what they have to say.

Children’s Safari is a great place to work.

Hi, my name is Brandie and I’ve worked at Children’s Safari Learning Center.  Children’s Safari is a great place to work.  All of the staff are respectful of each other and help each other out.  Most importantly we all love children and go above and beyond to make sure they are safe, happy, and educated.


We value the children and their families.

We value the children enrolled and their families.  The best part of working for Children’s Safari Learning center is getting to see the children grow and learn.  I would recommend our center to families looking for a safe, loving, environment for their children and to friends looking for employment.


The staff feels important.

The love that everyone shows for each other is the best thing about this center! The staff feel important. The staff matter!


We value the children and their families.

Children’s Safari Learning center is like a big family. I feel welcomed here. Respect to me is HUGE and I feel like everyone here has it for each other. I come to work and stay in a good mood all day. I would recommend this center to my sister and nephew. He is a year and at my old center. I’d love for him to be where I know he will be in good hands.


Children’s Safari is a great place to work.

I’ve worked for Children’s Safari Learning Center for 5 years. Our center has an open door allowing parents to come visit their children throughout the day. The best part of our center is the separate infant rooms. We have one room for little infants and one room for those that are moving around. I love watching the babies learn and grow. I would recommend Children’s Safari to anyone looking for childcare. I also like that I can talk to the director and be comfortable!


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