Welcome to our Monkey Classroom

Providing Day Care for Toddlers Ages: 2 and 3 years

Children in this class will begin to learn more responsibility and have dedicated curriculum time. Our guides will work with the toddlers individually and give them the love and attention they need, balanced with structure and routine.

Low Ratios | Large Rooms | Specialized Outdoor Area | Structured Days
Potty Training Assistance
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More Structured, Dedicated Time For Curriculum

Two and three year olds have more structure in their day and begin to learn more responsibility such as cleaning up after themselves, brushing their own teeth after lunch, and dedicated curriculum time.

Children’s Safari still emphasizes that the guides need to work with the toddlers individually and give them the love and attention they need, however, be balanced with structure and routine.

A typical day in the Monkey class includes:

  • Free Time: During this time the guides can teach colors, letters, etc.
  • Clean-Up Time!
  • Circle Time
  • Learning Activity: activity or art/music project
  • Story Time
  • Quiet Time
  • Lunch Time and Snack Time
  • Outdoor Time
  • Brush Teeth
  • Logs will go home daily so parents know what their child participated in during the day, how your terrific toddlers ate, slept, and diapered/potty trained.
Kiddos in this room enjoy:

Basic Sign Language
Theme Months
Fun Days
Imagination Building
Dramatic Play
Art & Crafts
Love, Love, Love…

“We have been enrolled at this center for over 2 years with two children. This was where we landed after being in 2 other daycare centers that were dirty, wouldn’t keep to the state ratios, or wouldn’t show up or open on time. We love it here! Finally a place that has a schedule and actually follows it. Refreshing to see ratios being enforced at ALL times. I’ve watched rooms and toys being cleaned and wiped EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, and clean laundry being replenished EVERY SINGLE MORNING. Every question or concern that I have expressed was handled with care and followed up on EVERY SINGLE TIME. My expressed concerns have never felt minimized or not important, the communication between staff members and staff to parents can’t be beat. I know I will forget some but Mrs. Wendy, Miss Rebecca, Mrs. Val, Miss Sarah Crumby, Mrs. Tammy, Miss Camryn, Miss Jessica, Miss Cat, Miss Erica, Mrs. Pam have given love and met my children’s individual needs and requests without hesitation. I’ve never heard any gossip or back biting amongst this group of women. Things only need to be asked once and you will never have to repeat yourself again, they listen, they care. Lastly, Kathy, director and owner, runs a tight ship and a well oiled machine. I have never seen a more hands-on business owner, this lady is always working and I have seen her jump in for her staff when they couldn’t. She is approachable, friendly and professional.”

Kimber Leigh, Mesa

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