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Miss Kathy and crew have a really thorough COVID-19 cleaning protocol with temperature checks and daily deep cleaning.

We have been at Safari Learning for about a year and a half and we just came back from 6 months off due to COVID. The kids are so excited to be back and they are loving it. They are loving seeing their old friends. Miss Kathy and crew have a really thorough COVID-19 cleaning protocol with temperature checks and daily deep cleaning. The kids wash hands in and out and throughout the day. My wife and I feel very safe and confident that the measures are keeping us all safe. The staff are wearing masks and the parents as well. We are glad to be back and feel safe and the kiddos are very engaged.
THANK YOU Safari Learning for your dedication to providing the best for your kids!

Shawn H., Mesa

I feel confident that my daughter is in the best hands at this daycare!

My daughter has been with Children’s Learning Safari since she was 6mo old and now 2yrs old. I can’t express my gratitude for all of the staff and teachers who take care of her. Finding the right daycare is so important for their safety and learning experience. Any questions or concerns have always been answered immediately by the opener, Kathy. They have an app to monitor your child’s day (naps, meals, diaper changes and pictures) which helps ensure she is having a great day. Through the Covid Global Pandemic they have upped sanitizing, take the parent and child’s temperature during drop off and pick up. All staff and teachers wear a mask throughout the day and watch kids closely for any type of symptom. I feel confident that my daughter is in the best hands at this daycare! We love this place!

Kerry M., Mesa

I wouldn’t trust him with anyone else!

I absolutely love Children’s Safari! I first took my daughter here when she was 9mo old after shopping around multiple daycares. The director and the teachers are dedicated to caring for your child in an environment that is enriched with lots of learning and love! In addition, they have a really strong security system in place, and the design of their classrooms, staff, and overall philosophy really sets them apart! I moved away for a short period of time, forcing me to place my daughter in 2 different daycares, neither of which put forth the effort in helping her grow and develop. I intentionally moved back by Children’s Safari so that my daughter could be challenged again and reach her full potential. Now, years later, I drive out of my way to take my 3mo old son here. I wouldn’t trust him with anyone else!

Rachel G., Mesa

The entire staff is AMAZING.

Absolutely love this place! It was my sons first Daycare, and I was super nervous about leaving him with strangers, but the entire staff is AMAZING, and I feel so confident that he is in great hands when he is there. The building, and classrooms are always so clean, and never have that dirty diaper smell that almost everywhere else has. My son has learned so much since starting, and continues to learn more, and more each day. If you’re looking for a clean, top notch day care I 100% recommend enrolling your child!

Lindsay S., Mesa

I would give them 10 stars

I had been with my son everyday since the day he was born. ( He is 1 now). Due to financial trouble I had to get a second job. The job I had already allowed for me to have him with me. It broke my heart to have to put him in day care. We looked around, and couldn’t find any place where we felt that he would be safe and cared for properly. That was until we found The Safari Learning Center. They not only care for my son, they teach him things. They sing, and read, and do arts and crafts with him. Not to mention that they give us a report at the end of the day on what he did. When they changed his diaper, how he was with the other kids, when and how long he took a nap. And as for feeling that he is safe, there is a special code for each child to get into the building. I highly recommend that if you’re looking for a day care that will love and teach your child skills, take them to the Children’s Safari Center in mesa.

Felicia M., Mesa


I love this daycare and have for years! Kathy and her front office staff are great! Always so welcoming and sweet! The teachers are all very sweet as well and caring with the kids! When you walk in, the place looks and smells CLEAN! Kathy continues to maintain HIGH standards for her center in all areas and now with Covid, she has a very strict cleaning and safety protocol which is comforting. Thanks to them staying open with these strict policies, I was able to keep my job during the economic shut down. You can tell there are no short cuts when it comes to cleanliness, safety and education at this center! My now 12 year old son went to this center from age 2 and graduated preschool from there! My now 6 year old also graduated preschool from this center in August and my now 3 month old who currently attends will also graduate from there in 5 years! In all of the years I have been bringing my children to this center, I have NEVER had any issues (even when I am running a little late lol).

Emily V., Mesa

I highly recommend this place to all working parents!

My son has been going here for just about 1 year now. He started when he was 6 weeks old. As he was our first child, we were definitely nervous about leaving him with strangers. We immediately were relieved with the amount of professionalism and personal care that our son received from each teacher. He absolutely loves them. We can’t thank Kathy and Wendy enough for not only making it easy on us, but really taking care of and loving our son. I highly recommend this place to all working parents!

Dave W., Gold Canyon

Always welcoming and polite and professional.

This review is LONG overdue. Children’s Safari was absolutely perfect for our kids. Kathy (owner) was so good to us along with the rest of the staff. We never had a problem there. Always available to talk with us about anything needed. Very accommodating regarding our needs for adding our little ones last sec for child care on certain non scheduled days. Very informative about the activities of the day. Always welcoming and polite and professional. So glad we made the decision to send our two boys to Children’s Safari for the years we did. Had our oldest there for three years and our youngest was there from an infant to five years old. Thank you!! We love you Children’s Safari!

Troy O., San Diego

I am very pleased with all of the teachers.

Aside from the infant rooms, I have had a child in every class at Children’s Safari. I am very pleased with all of the teachers, the director, etc. I know that my children are happy and cared for while I am at work, and that peace of mind is invaluable! My children attended another daycare/preschool prior to Children’s Safari, and Children’s Safari is SO MUCH BETTER. In fact, when I picked my son up after his first day at Children’s Safari, he told me that he liked it more than his old school (it makes me wonder what was going on at his old school…). I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Children’s Safari to anyone looking for quality care for their little ones.

Meghan B., Scottsdale

The education my son received is beyond my expectations!!

I LOVE THIS DAYCARE!!! I pulled my son from A Child’s Place at The Ranches in Gilbert at 1 yr old and tried Children’s Safari… We have been so happy ever since! We love everything about this daycare!!! The education my son received is beyond my expectations!! The teachers and director Kathy are so loving toward each child and take care of every child as their own! I feel so blessed to have found this daycare. I recommend them to EVERYONE I know. My son is now 5 and he starts school on Monday so today was his last day after 4 and 1/2 yrs 🙁 I am not ready to have him leave this daycare BUT when we decide to have another child, we will be back to Children’s Safari Learning Center!!!!

Emily V., Mesa

I truly don’t think you can find a better daycare.

Just wanted to update on Children’s Safari. I took my son out of daycare because I had left my job so I didn’t need it anymore. Well when I went to re-enroll my son the daycare was full at the moment. So I had to take my son to another daycare that was affordable. I found one in Chandler, and it was the same price range. I had called other places, and they were WAY more expensive than Children’s Safari. The one I found in Chandler was about the same price as Children’s Safari. This daycare in Chandler provided lunch, and you didn’t have to pay when your child was out sick. I thought it was going to be great. WRONG. My son was in there two days and I vowed to never take him back. The teachers would yell at the children (in front of me and other parents so who knows how they were after I left), were rude, and there was no security system in place. When I got there peoples’ information were sitting on the desk in a folder with social security, contact, address information, etc. I was mortified. Anyone could just walk in and enter any of the classrooms. Thank GOD, I got a call that Children’s Safari had an opening when I took him out of the Chandler place. I was BEYOND relieved. Kathy provides a CLEAN environment, I have NEVER seen any questionable behavior by any of the teachers, it smells great (the other places I toured had a horrible old smell to it), and you can’t get through the front door to the classrooms without a fingerprint and password. I truly don’t think you can find a better daycare. Please try this daycare out. You won’t regret it.

Amber L., Mesa

We love this staff and all of the care they give our first born.

This place has been absolutely wonderful for our family and the staff is incredible. We had our first child in June and it was very hard to let go and give him to someone else while we resumed going to work full time. We know in our heart that we made the best decision, we love this staff and all of the care they give our first born. They also send photos and updates that are wonderful to see throughout the day. What amazing, amazing people that are here.

Ann T., Mesa

I feel at ease leaving my son there.

I will not take my son anywhere else! The director is amazing as well as the teachers. I had pulled my son out of Kindercare and put him in Children’s Learning Safari and it has been night and day! He actually is smilling, playing, and even blowing kisses to the teachers. They have taught him so much that as a first time mom, would not have thought of to teach him. I feel at ease leaving my son there, I know he is in good hands. He recently been diagnosed with asthma, and they even give him his inhaler when needed. Again, this place is wonderful and I will not take him anywhere else!!

Brittney W., Mesa

I am so HAPPY I chose Children’s Safari.

I stayed at home with my son for his first year, then he went to his grandma to get watched, so putting him in daycare was extremely hard for me.  I have heard horror stories so I was EXTREMELY picky in who I chose to leave him with.  I am so HAPPY I chose Children’s Safari.  My son was having a hard time with his speech, and since going there he knows his letters, alphabet, numbers, and he won’t stop talking now!  He is soooo happy there, and I just adore his teachers.  My son started when he was 2 years old, and turned 3 now so he will be moving up in classes soon.  They have been so helpful with potty training him as well, and I just can’t thank them enough.  My friend also does photography for all the daycares, and when I told her who watched my son she said she was so happy I chose Children’s Safari because they are in her top 3 daycares around the entire valley (Phoenix, Peoria included).  Children’s Safari is not the cheapest, however, the quality is there and that is what you are paying for.  I am a single mother so saving money is a must, but this is one expense I won’t sacrifice.  My son will definitely be here until he goes to school.  Thank you, Kathy and Children’s Safari!!!!!

Amber L., Mesa

We really appreciate all of you and will miss you all dearly!

I am so excited to see my daughter beginning her education at the “big girl school” (elementary school) yet at the same time so very sad that we are no longer going to be seeing these lovely ladies everyday here at Safari Learning Center! They all are one heck of a group of ladies. My daughter has spent the first few years of her life with all of them day in and day out, Her and I have grown a great relationships with all of them and miss them terribly already! Olivia (my daughter) started at the center when she was 6 months old and she has grown so much in the time she has spent there and is now going into early Kindergarten at the age of 4. I just want to thank each and every one of those wonderful women in that building for helping raise all these great children, having the ability to love, care and educate my little girl. We really appreciate all of you and will miss you all dearly!

Tara M., Mesa

I love keeping track of my son with the app and seeing pictures of him throughout the day.

We love Safari Learning Center! My husband and I toured many daycare facilities and this is definitely a hidden gem. The front office staff and teachers are all so friendly and really seem to care about each child. They remembered me and my son right from the start and greet us with a smile every day. I love keeping track of my son with the app and seeing pictures of him throughout the day. I was also really happy with the way they have handled Covid-19. They have been flexible with our enrollment and are taking several additional measures like temperature checks, masks, touch less entry, and additional cleaning to ensure everyone’s safety. I feel safe bringing my son and am so thankful to have found Safari!

Jessica D., San Diego

As a teacher, they worked with my schedule in a way no other center does.

We loved our time at Safari. We started taking my son when he was 7 months. We unfortunately had to leave because of a job/location change. For a family who’s never had to leave our son with “strangers” , we had a few bumps and uncertainty as we settled into a routine and they learned about our son. But I’m sure it’s that way anywhere. Sure enough, Safari became a second home for our son where he was cared for and loved by not only his teachers but all the staff. At Safari, they care. They get to know your child, they know them all by name. Kathy is phenomenal, she is so involved, and understands. You can always bring a concern to any of the ladies up front and they will listen and help. As a teacher, they worked with my schedule in a way no other center does. Wendy, Rebecca and Sedona are so wonderful in Joeys. Thank you ladies. 
If you need a daycare/learning center for your child, I would highly recommend Children’s Safari.

Rose D., Mesa

I am fully confident in the staff, administration, and facility.

This is the best daycare around! My wife and I checked out several child care facilities; were disappointed in them and scared to leave our boy at any of them. Then we found Safari. The choice was clear. I am fully confident in the staff, administration, and facility. The children seem happy all the time and the places is very clean.

Scott J., Mesa

The director, assistant director and teachers are amazing!

Words can’t express how grateful I am of that school. They have taken care of my son and have taught him so much! The director, assistant director and teachers are amazing! No complaints here! You all are amazing and thank you for everything you have done for my child. We will miss you all so much!

Christa U., Mesa

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